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Hosted by Sherry Chris, Executive Advisor at Anywhere Brands and Co-Chair of What Moves Her, and Lindsay Listanski, National Vice President of Field Marketing at Coldwell Banker Realty and Co-Chair of What Moves Her.

The What Moves Her podcast offers 20 minutes of personal and professional advice from various exceptional leaders in the industry, such as Anywhere Brands and Advisors President and Chief Executive Officer and What Moves Her Founder Sue Yannaccone, Anywhere Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer Tanya Reu-Narvaez, Anywhere Franchise Brands President and Chief Executive Officer Liz Gehringer, Anywhere Senior Director of Legal, Ethics and Compliance Paula Young, and Matthew Ferrara, industry philosopher, teacher, inspirational speaker and photographer, among others. 

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Episode 16: Sisters in Real Estate: A Legacy of Leadership

Join us for an inspiring episode featuring two remarkable women, Tashia Redfield-McEady and Trista Cortis-Redfield, who collectively bring 40 years of experience to Century 21®. As second-generation brokers and proud owners of Century 21 Riverpointe, these sisters share not only a bond of family and friendship but also a passion for empowering others in the real estate industry.

Growing up immersed in the world of real estate, they learned invaluable lessons from their mother, instilling in them a strong work ethic and a commitment to uplifting agents. Tashia’s leadership style emphasizes empowerment and authenticity, while Trista values collaboration and nurturing familial bonds.

Together, they envision expanding their business beyond the island and fostering growth opportunities for their agents. Whether enjoying free time on the water or driving around in a Polaris Slingshot, The Redfield’s exemplify the power of female leadership and the importance of community-driven success.

Episode 15: The Power of Storytelling with Matthew Ferrara

Join us as we delve into the power of storytelling with Matthew Ferrara, a philosopher, teacher, inspiring speaker, and photographer. In this episode, Matthew shares his insights on the difference between good and great storytelling, emphasizing the importance of detail and emotional articulation.

Discover the secrets behind effective communication and learn valuable tips on writing and editing. Matthew also discusses his role in building the Anywhere ASCEND program, dedicated to unlocking team members’ potential and fostering industry-wide change.

Tune in for inspiring advice on personal growth and embracing one’s unique strengths, including his advice to “learn to grow where you are planted.”

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Episode 14: Navigating Finance and Leadership: Insights from Roger Favano

Join us as we sit down with Roger Favano, Chief Financial Officer for owned brokerage and franchise segments at Anywhere Real Estate. As a proud supporter of the What Moves Her mission, Roger draws wisdom from the influential women in his life – his mother, wife, and two daughters – sharing invaluable lessons from his journey.

From the mantra “you can always fix it,” instilled by his mother, to the significance of being approachable in finance, Roger’s insights are both inspiring and practical. Listen in as he offers advice to young leaders on financial literacy, highlights promising opportunities for the next generation of women leaders, and provides valuable tips for leadership teams.

Discover how Roger finds fulfillment in his family life and learn from his insight as he encourages listeners to be ambassadors for their companies, teams, and for themselves.

Episode 13: Leading with Heart: Cultivating Culture, Mentorship, and Confidence with Tammy Fahmi

Join us on this inspiring episode of the What Moves Her podcast as we sit down with Tammy Fahmi, Senior Vice President of Global Servicing and Strategy at Sotheby’s International Realty. From her humble beginnings watching her parents build a life from scratch to becoming a powerhouse in the real estate industry, Tammy shares her journey and the values that drive her success.

Discover how she fosters a culture where relationships and service are paramount, the importance of mentorship, and her passion for empowering girls through sports. Learn about her innovative approach to encouraging teamwork and self-improvement through the institution of a girls’ basketball program and her dedication to coaching her own children.

Episode 12: Building Generational Wealth: The Inspiring Journey of Virginia Caamano

In this episode, we delve into the remarkable story of Virginia Caamano, a force in the NJ real estate scene. Virginia is not just a Coldwell Banker real estate agent but also a bilingual teacher and President of National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) NJ chapter, which recently has been named the #1 chapter across the US.

Raised in a home immersed in construction and home remodeling, Virginia’s work ethic was instilled early on. Her journey is one of giving back and volunteering, from her extensive work with Habitat for Humanity to advocating for children and education. As a single mother and daughter of immigrant parents, Virginia embodies the American dream. Her passion for teaching led her to real estate after realizing the achievement gap Spanish-speaking children face in public schools.

Through her work with NAHREP, Virginia aims to help Hispanic families achieve generational wealth through sustainable homeownership. She stresses the importance of being role models for our kids and taking action to make a difference.

Episode 11: Fearless Advocacy and Authentic Leadership with Lynette Gladdis

Join us as we sit down with Lynette Gladdis, Chief Litigation Counsel at Anywhere, known for her fearless approach to litigation and authentic leadership style.

Lynette shares insights into making impactful decisions, advocating for equality in litigation, and the power of reputation. Discover how she navigates professional and personal challenges, including the loss of her father and adopting three children, and find inspiration in her journey of turning grief into positive action.

Tune in for valuable advice on taking opportunities, being true to yourself, and making a difference in all aspects of life.

Episode 10: Building The Greatest Team: Leadership Insights with Ryan Schneider

Join us as we sit down with one of the most powerful figures in real estate, Ryan Schneider, CEO and President of Anywhere.

In this episode, Ryan shares his insights on building exceptional teams and the importance of diversity, highlighting that half of his executive committee is female. He discusses the value of a positive attitude, believing in yourself and your team, and the power of listening to different perspectives.

Ryan also emphasizes the difference between leadership and management, encouraging boldness and innovation in leadership roles. Tune in to discover how to enhance your leadership skills and build a successful team in today’s dynamic real estate industry.

Episode 9: The Power of Perspective with Trey Sarten

With a background in the hotel industry and a passion for travel, Trey Sarten, Chief Communications Officer and Head of Public Affairs at Anywhere brings a unique perspective to the table.

In this episode, we explore the importance of trust in communications, the transition from city to suburban life, and the power of viewing the world through different lenses. Trey shares his insights on maintaining a calm, cool, and collected attitude, the value of showing up in a positive way, and the art of listening.

Whether you’re a seasoned communications professional or simply curious about the field, this episode offers valuable insights and inspiration from a true communications powerhouse.

Episode 8: Resilience, Dedication, and Leadership

Join us in this episode as we dive into the inspiring journey of Natasha Joseph, Vice President, Contract Administration and Contract Compliance at Anywhere Real Estate. Natasha is not only a trailblazer in her field but also a first-generation college graduate and a superhero mom to three boys.

Natasha’s story is a powerful blend of resilience, dedication, and leadership. She encourages listeners to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and highlights the value of collaboration over competition. Tune in to learn from Natasha’s journey and be inspired to embrace challenges with strength and unity.

Episode 7: Moving From The Middle

In this episode, Paula Young, Vice President Ethics and Compliance, Legal at Anywhere Real Estate shares the tips on how to lead from every level, the importance of serving as a connector, and a guaranteed way to easily start conversations with everyone you cross.

Episode 6: Best Advice for Young Leaders On The Rise

Join us this week as Lindsay Listanski, National Vice President, Field Marketing Coldwell Banker Realty shares her special advice for rising leaders. In this episode, Lindsay shares the importance of chasing growth, balancing life as a mom of three sons and the power of lifting as you rise.

Episode 5: Leading with Purpose as a ‘Girl Dad’ and CEO

Join us as Michael Miedler, President and CEO of Century 21 Real Estate, shares his inspiring journey to the top, focusing on his values as a “girl dad” and family man. Learn how he emphasizes self-sufficiency and a positive mindset in achieving success, both in business and life.

Episode 4: Anywhere’s “People First” Culture & Business Success

In this episode of our podcast, Anywhere Real Estate’s Chief People Officer, Tanya Reu-Narvaez, unveils the deliberate and transformative journey behind achieving a remarkable gender balance within the company.

Episode 3: Liz Gehringer’s Secrets to Leadership

In this episode, Liz covers her secret to “slaying stage,” the power of the “in the moment check in” and how to navigate turning loss into opportunity.

Episode 2: Why Here, Why Now?

In this episode, we revisit Sue being faced with the crossroad of staying silent or speaking up. Find out what motivated her to speak up and how she is focused on turning these words into action as she looks to challenge and lift up the entire industry.

Episode 1: We’re Sharing Some Secrets

You don’t want to miss out on the leadership insight Sherry Chris, Executive Advisor, Anywhere Brands and Lindsay Listanski, National Vice President of Field Marketing Coldwell Banker Realty, are bringing to the table.

This episode dives into the leadership secrets of Sherry, a true industry legend. From how to build the best team, to making the most of mentorship and tips on taking risk, this is an episode packed with leadership gems for both women and men on their path to leadership.

Past Event Recordings

Empower Your Voice: Explore more from Deborah Shames and Eloqui!
Level Up Your Public Speaking Skills. Join Deborah Shames, Communication and Presentation Trainer at Eloqui for a one-hour session to learn practical techniques for speaking with authenticity and confidence. Learn about storytelling techniques, managing anxiety and best practices for delivering impactful presentations.
Breast Cancer: A Journey for Everyone
Breast Cancer. It’s a word most of us hear quite frequently now days. It affects everyone, mothers, daughters, fathers, brothers and more.
What Moves Her is pleased to showcase a fireside chat featuring Laura Rittenberg, President - Atlanta and the Carolinas at Coldwell Banker Realty and Aimee Lerner, Chief of Staff to Kamini Lane. Through their experiences, be prepared to laugh, cry, and discover how breast cancer can affect not only the person, but friends and family too.
Leadership Lessons Learned as a Woman in Military Life
In recognition of Veterans Day, the Anywhere Service Employee Resource Group (ERG) in partnership with the Anywhere Women’s ERG and What Moves Her®, is pleased to showcase the unique experiences and wisdom imparted from military life. The Leadership Lessons Learned as a Woman in Military Life session will highlight three women from the Anywhere network who served or support the military in various roles. The session will explore core leadership competencies that their military experience helped shape, including decision making, team building and discipline.
Mindful Tactics to Increase Productivity
Sue Yannaccone, President and CEO of Anywhere Brands welcomes mindfulness experts Ida Fields, VP Agent Marketing & Business Development for The Corcoran Group and Marli Kol, Senior Trainer for Anywhere Expansion Brands for an interactive session where they share their top tips to discovering your best self. The benefits of practicing mindfulness and meditation are many, including an increase in confidence, efficiency and self-awareness. This session also featured a guided meditation practice.
Celebrating the Women Who Move Us
We celebrated Galentine's Day with conversations between Sue Yannaccone, President & Chief Executive Officer, Franchise Group, Anywhere, and inspirational leaders who have risen to remarkable success and have helped others along the way. Featuring Debra Trappen, CEO/Owner of D11, Chief Strategist, WomanUP!® and Alex Perriello, Chairman Emeritus, Franchise Group, Anywhere.
2022 and You: Elevate, Activate, Regenerate
Hosted by Cartus, the industry leader in global talent mobility, corporate relocation, and distributed workforce solutions, 2022 and You: Elevate, Activate, Regenerate features special guests Sue Yannaccone—President & Chief Executive Officer, Franchise Group, Anywhere; Katrina Helmkamp—President & CEO, Cartus and Realogy Leads Group; and Josefina Martinez-Amador—SVP, Human Resources, Cartus and Realogy Leads Group.
Roadmap to Financial Success Workshop
Financial expert Bola Sokunbi, Founder & CEO of Clever Girl Finance, joined Sue Yannaccone to share her knowledge and demonstrate actionable plans to empower women with the knowledge and confidence to create a sound financial future.
Connecting In A Digital World
Globally recognized leadership and communications expert Erica Dhawan guided a workshop discussion about strategies to improve digital body langue and how to raise your own connectional IQ.
Engaging, Empowering and Influencing Change in Your Community
What Moves Her champions Sue Yannaccone, President & Chief Executive Officer, Franchise Group, Anywhere and CEO and Tanya Reu-Narvaez, Anywhere Chief People Officer were joined by a dynamic panel of special guests including Sara Rodriguez, NAHREP 2021 President, Amy Kong, AREAA President and Mary Mancera, LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance VP of Business Development for an intimate discussion on the power of women in real estate and how they can affect real societal change.
Unapologetically Promoting Yourself
The recent What Moves Her event, Unapologetically Promoting Yourself, provided excellent content and discussion on how we can better promote ourselves.
Breakthrough Digital Summit
The January Portraits of What Moves Her Session was Breakthrough Digital Summit, an online event to develop and celebrate women in real estate.
The event also highlighted some amazing women who have shattered glass ceilings, including Sue Yannaccone, who recently became the first female CEO of Franchise Group, Anywhere. Liz Gehringer, COO of Coldwell Banker, kicked off this online event that is sure to provide great inspiration, business resources and valuable connections to be leveraged as you embark on a breakthrough new year.
Set for Success: Plan Ahead for 2021 – Your Best Year Yet with Pauline Bennett
The October Portraits of What Moves Her Session discussed Set for Success: Plan Ahead for 2021- Your Best Year Yet, where Pauline Bennett, President of Coldwell Banker Realty in New England shared her expertise , along with a panel of top agents, on exceeding business goal.
The Power Behind The Pivot with Summer Sanders
As a two-time Olympic gold medalist in swimming, Summer Sanders knows a thing or two about streamlining through waves to find success. Summer and Sue Yannaccone, Executive Vice President of Coldwell Banker Realty, discussed the power behind the pivot. Summer shared her experience with overcoming obstacles in training for the Olympics, finding her footing in the world of broadcast and how she has applied those lessons to life on dry land. Be prepared to be inspired and to take notes on tactics to implement into your business approach as you adjust strategy in this unpredictable climate.
Taking Control of Your Career with Tanya Reu-Narvaez and Passion Broussard
Tanya Reu-Narvaez, human resources vice president for Anywhere, and Passion Broussard, Listing Concierge manager for Coldwell Banker, shared valuable insights on empathy, diversity and taking control of your career. Passion is a professional speaker who presents training workshops, conference keynotes and breakout sessions on courageous decision making, leading with curiosity, empathy, ethics, and encouragement in life and business.
Overcoming Obstacles with Sally Roberts
Sometimes finding your passion and the power of your own voice requires blood, sweat and tears. This is the reality of the Cliff Notes version of Sally Roberts’ story, which includes being an elite woman wrestler, combat Army veteran, sports psychologist and founder of the advocacy organization, Wrestle Like a Girl. Sally believes girls can do anything and that through sport, they can realize their full potential. She is living proof that girls can indeed do anything as she was the youngest of three children growing up and the first in her family to graduate high school, graduate college and earn an advanced degree.
Resilient Leadership with Sue Yannaccone and Liz Gehringer
The first Portraits of What Moves Her virtual event featured Liz Gehringer, chief operating officer of Coldwell Banker, and Susan Yannaccone, executive vice president of Coldwell Banker Realty, who discussed resilient leadership.

Celebrating Women Who Move Us

Celebrating Our Mentors: Jennifer King & Chocky Burks
Jennifer King, Licensed Real Estate Agent, Corcoran Premier Realty speaks with her mentor, Chocky Burks, Founder/ Owner, Corcoran Premier Realty, about how to lift up the women in your life, their best practices for building a successful network and fostering the right mentoring relationships.
Celebrating Our Mentors: Holly Lovett & Audie Street
Holly Lovett, Broker/ Owner of Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Main Street Properties and her mentor and business partner, Audie Street, Broker/ Owner of Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Main Street Properties, discuss building a successful network and fostering the right mentoring relationships.
Celebrating Our Mentors: Kate Conquest & Dr. Maureen Mackenzie-Ruppel
Kate Conquest, National Vice President of Affiliate Services, Coldwell Banker speaks to her mentor Dr. Maureen Mackenzie-Ruppel, College Professor and Principal of MMR Communications and Consulting, about building a successful network and fostering the right mentoring relationships.
Celebrating Our Mentors: Joycelyn Jaggers & Pamela Snodgrass-Moore
Joycelyn Jaggers, Growth Consultant Rocky Mountain States, CENTURY 21® speaks with her mentor, Pamela Snodgrass-Moore, Owner, SAMCO Industrial Supply and Volunteer, Stepping Stones Support Center, about the importance of listening to others and recognizing the way you make people feel.
Celebrating Our Mentors: Kristine Newell & Nikki Field
Kristine Newell, Senior Vice President, Premier Sotheby's International Realty speaks with her mentor, Nikki Field, Senior Global Real Estate Advisor, Associate Broker Sotheby's International Realty, about the importance of sharing your own wins, and how crucial it is for women to uplift other women in their career.
Celebrating Our Mentors: Gloria Frazier
Gloria Frazier, Broker/Owner of ERA American Real Estate, shares insights from her personal mentors, Dr. Radboud Beukenkamp and Mac Heavener, and discusses how their advice for being genuine and having the courage to do things outside your comfort zone helped her career.

Love Your Power Series

Unapologetically Promote Yourself
Ida Fields, Vice President of Agent Marketing & Business Development at Corcoran shares her thoughts on the first step in the Love Your Power series, "Unapologetically Promote Yourself". Self- promotion is an essential tool for business advancement and networking, yet research shows that women are less likely to tout their skills, achievements and experience than men. It's time to change that.
Increase Your Self-Awareness
Dr. Susan Jenkins, Broker/ Owner of BHGRE Native American Group in Virginia Beach shares her thoughts on the second step in the Love Your Power series, "Increase Your Self-Awareness". A recent study showed that 95% of people believe they are self-aware, but the real number is 12-15%. That means, on a good day, about 80% of people are lying about themselves — to themselves. It’s time to live and love your truth!
Collaborate Often
Jodi Meyers, Executive Consultant, Growth Strategy for Century 21 shares her thoughts on the third step in the Love Your Power series, "Collaborate Often". Surrounding ourselves with others that have different viewpoints and perspective can push us to greatness. Networking and mentoring is a vital part of supporting values for women, to ensure representation occurs within the industry.
Be Inquisitive, Take Risks
Katrina Helmkamp, President & CEO of Realogy Leads Group shares her thoughts on the fourth step in the Love Your Power Series, "Be Inquisitive, Take Risks". Women can be more risk-adverse comparatively to men. “Growth happens outside of comfort zones.”
Lift Others As You Rise
Jody Lovell, Broker/ Owner Highlands Sotheby's International Realty shares her thoughts on the fifth step, "Lift Others As You Rise". Women are more less likely to apply for jobs then men and more likely to be feel like an ‘imposter’. As more women take on leadership role, it becomes more important that women continue to extend opportunities to others.
Identify Personal Guardrails
Denise W Strother, Broker/ Owner ERA Strother Real Estate, shares her thoughts on the sixth step in the Love Your Power series, "Identify Personal Guardrails". Professional success is fueled by personal success. Women are more likely to carry the load of personal and family responsibilities.
Hold Yourself Accountable
Kate Rossi, Regional Executive Vice President of the Eastern Region for Coldwell Banker Realty, shares her thoughts on the final step, "Hold Yourself Accountable". Now that you have done the work to explore, define and take action to Love Your Power don’t forget any solid business plan and strategy needs to be sustainable.

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