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Start a What Moves Her Local Chapter

At What Moves Her®, we believe in the power of women to shape their professional or personal destinies, uplift their communities and drive meaningful change. With the support of our chapters, we are on a mission to ignite impactful growth, foster authentic connections and champion important conversations to bridge gaps and move everyone forward in their journey.

Chapter Activation

Are you a trailblazer ready to build the bridges to connect women across the real estate industry, drive change and create paths to success?

Explore our Local Chapter Activation Guide and kickstart your journey to empower women in real estate. Start down the path of chapter leadership by following the steps outlined in this guide.

Unlock Your Potential: Chapter Benefits

Launching a What Moves Her chapter is more than leadership – it’s a platform to demonstrate your influence, expand your network and elevate your voice. This is more than just a chapter; it’s a movement. Join us to empower, elevate and excel, and together we can help redefine what’s possible for women in real estate.

Leading With Purpose:
Requirements for Starting a Chapter

Ready to lead with passion and purpose? Ensure your leadership, mission and financial commitment align with our values, setting the stage for a chapter that shines in its community.

  • Leadership Qualifications: Prospective chapter leaders should demonstrate leadership qualities, commitment and empower the mission of What Moves Her.
  • Clear Mission Alignment: Chapter leaders should align with the mission, values and objectives of the national brand, ensuring consistency in messaging and activities.
  • Financial Responsibility: Prospective chapter leaders should understand that they will be responsible for funding their local chapter, including managing chapter funds and expenses. Budget considerations should be considered when starting a chapter.

Getting Started

Eager to make a difference? Ready to start a local chapter?
Let’s Get Started!

Complete Interest Survey

Take the first step towards starting a local chapter by filling out our interest survey.

Attend Information Session

Engage in an initial discussion to align values, vision and leadership standards.

Complete Local Chapter Start-Up Form

Provide specific needs to receive tailored support for chapter success.

Confirm Chapter Availability

Ensure availability in desired area and assess need for representation.

Official Documentation

Upon confirmation, officially document the new chapter’s inception.