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Practicing random acts of kindness is good for the soul. It’s also good for business.

Random Acts of Kindness Week is February 13–19. Its goal is to “make kindness the norm.” As we continue to Celebrate the Women Who Move Us, what better way than to add small but meaningful acts of kindness into our everyday lives. Whether these acts will help support our community, our networks, or even our own mental health – let’s celebrate by giving back!

While it would be a perfect world if we could actively show kindness to everyone, all the time, sometimes, life gets in the way. Too often, the fast pace of our industry—which gives us too much to do with too little time—can take its toll. That can lead to stress, short tempers, and yes, instances where we could have shown a little more kindness.

But real estate is a competitive industry, and it’s not always fair or kind. That’s why it’s more important than ever to have a support group, a community of peers you can trust and lean on for inspiration. That’s always been our goal at What Moves HerSM—our entire network is all about supporting other women as we work together to achieve our professional and personal goals. Spreading kindness is a big way we can make that happen.

We’ve talked before on this blog about ways to boost your wellness. Today, we want to briefly discuss the psychological, physical, and maybe even financial benefits of showing kindness whenever possible.

Be a Source of Kindness in Your Community

We all know that successful real estate agents need to know more than the particulars of each listing. They also need to have a deep familiarity with the community they serve. That’s why volunteering your time can be such a positive, a true win-win. It can help you meet more people, strengthen your local ties, and spread acts of kindness, all at the same time. Here are some ideas on how to get started:

  • Teach a real estate seminar at your local community center. Consider leading a free seminar on a topic like “How to Get Your Home Ready for Resale.” Besides sharing your knowledge, you’ll reinforce your local bona fides, and maybe even get a listing.
  • Get involved with a local nonprofit. What cause is closest to your heart? Chances are, there’s something you can get involved in right in your community. Doing good feels good.
  • Start a beautification committee. There has to be a spot in your area that needs a fix-up. Take on a project to do some good. It could be planting a garden, or cleaning a local park. It gets you out of the house, interacting with other civic-minded residents, and will give you a sense of pride.

The Power of Mentoring

Hoping to spread kindness through your work? Look no further than using your own experience to help others succeed. Often, being mentored offers a sense of belonging, affirmation, and validation. Mentees feel more confident and competent in their jobs and are more loyal.

As we continue to celebrate the women who move us, consider becoming a mentor and encourage the growth and success of others in our industry. This act of sharing your knowledge, expertise and experience can do a world of good. Take these stats from Forbes as an example of how mentoring can positively impact a career:

  • The firm SAP HR Research examined 43 studies published over the last 30 years and found a positive correlation with the career outcomes of mentored vs. non-mentored employees.
  • Those with mentors received higher compensation, a greater number of promotions, felt more satisfied and committed to their career and were more likely to believe they would advance.
  • 76% of people view mentors as important to their overall success.

Kindness Is Wellness: Feeling Good by Doing Good

Practicing kindness has a not-so-secret benefit: it’s truly good for you. If you’ve ever felt happiness after helping out a colleague or the sense of fulfillment from volunteering at a local organization, you may have experienced the “warm glow” associated with helping others. Being pro-social reinforces our sense of relatedness to others, thus helping us meet our most basic psychological needs.

Looking for an easy way to help spread the message of kindness? Visit our What Moves Her online store and find our “One Kind Action” cards. Utilize these cards in your office, at events, or share with your network to inspire kindness and encouragement.

Now It’s Your Turn

Give us your best kindness stories. Tell us about someone who showed you kindness when you were first starting out in the business. Did you pay it forward?  Tell us how kindness inspired you.

Let us know. Email us at or share with us on Facebook or LinkedIn – we want to hear your thoughts.