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What Moves Her® was created to help women in the real estate industry develop their leadership skills and realize their professional development goals. Since the campaign was introduced in 2020, our community has grown and we are proud to share the stories of women who have attended the events, utilized the tools and taken part in What Moves Her to help them grow professionally and personally.

Karen Wilks, Vice President Strategic Growth, Cartus

Why do you think mentorship and sponsorship is so important today?

I think it’s even more important today than ever before. In many organizations including ours, the working environment has been reimagined within the last few years. We have more people who are either working remotely or in a hybrid working environment. This has had a great impact on employee well-being as well as company culture. With all of these changes, having a mentor can help you to feel motivated, grounded and foster a feeling of belonging.

What advice do you have for someone looking for a mentor?

I would say first ask yourself what you are looking to get out of a mentor, and define what role you expect your mentor to play. Do you want a mentor to provide you with career guidance, motivation, emotional support, etc.? A mentor can play many roles, a coach, a cheerleader or someone that helps you to expand your network. Once that is established, set goals and objectives with the understanding that things may change as the relationship evolves.

How do you start a mentoring relationship?

In my experience, the best way to start a mentoring relationship is to get to know your mentor on a personal level. In a mentoring relationship, you both need to understand each other’s motivations, hopes and dreams, and frankly what is viewed as a barrier to success. You also must be willing to be vulnerable and share your experiences.

How did you first hear about What Moves Her? How did you become involved?

I first heard about WMH through Yammer. I was drawn to What Moves Her when I saw many female leaders sharing their paths to success and their leadership journeys. For me, it’s really about female empowerment which motivated me to participate.

What have been some of the key takeaways from the events you have attended?

There have been so many great sessions, it’s hard to narrow it down. I loved the session that discussed financial advice and independence. Another session that stood out, was on navigating your career, that also resonated with me as a mentor.

Can you share any ways that What Moves Her has helped you in your career?

The educational aspect is great! I love knowing that I have a support network that I can tap should a need arise. Also, having a community where you can learn from other successful leaders and exposure to different leadership styles has been invaluable.  Most of all, it equips you with strategies to deal with life!

What are you most looking forward to seeing in the future of the What Moves Her community?

Continue highlighting our diverse female leaders and inspirational women from outside of our organization.

Now it’s your turn

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