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What Moves Her® was created to help women in the real estate industry develop their leadership skills and realize their professional development goals. Since the campaign was introduced in 2020, our community has grown and we are proud to share the stories of women who have attended the events, utilized the tools and taken part in What Moves Her to help them grow professionally and personally.

“I will be unapologetically me and I will be a source of inspiration and support to those around me.”

Morayma “Mo” Ortiz, Project Manager, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Realogy

How did you first hear about What Moves Her? How did you become involved?

I signed up for the first virtual What Moves Her event, “Resilient Leadership” with Sue Yannaccone and Liz Gehringer. Prior to this event, I hadn’t gotten the opportunity or access to these leaders. What Moves Her made it possible for me to hear directly from them. I soaked in every word, hearing them speak openly and frankly about their experiences, careers and even home life and how they balance it. I left the virtual event SOOO inspired!

What have been some of the key takeaways from the events you have attended?

Since that first event, I have looked forward to and attended all of the What Moves Her events. I even take notes! The speakers are always knowledgeable, and I have learned so much and taken their actionable advice to heart, especially when it comes to taking control of your career. Some of my favorite insights are:

  • Make your own opportunities
  • Recognize that when a door opens, it will close just as quickly… so don’t let an opportunity pass you by.
  • Reach out to others. Ask those you have learned from and have guided you for mentorship. Get on their calendars!

Can you share any ways that What Moves Her has helped you in your career?

I hate to admit that for most of my career, I took a backseat approach. I went with the flow and wasn’t in control. Though I worked hard, I waited for opportunities to come to me instead of seeking them myself. In hindsight, I was a product of my environment and of leaders who had the mentality that you don’t rock the boat when you have a “good job”. I thought if I just kept at it, eventually something would come along for me. I had a lot of passion and drive for my career, but no roadmap of where I could take it.

After attending What Moves Her events, I took a hard look at where I was and more importantly, where I wanted to be. I reached out to those rock stars in the company who I’ve worked with and held in high regard and asked to get on their calendars, quarterly or monthly, for some informal mentorship. Then, there was an opportunity for a new role, and while I struggled at the thought of leaving the amazing team I had been part of, I pushed that fear away and went for it! I remembered what I learned from those What Moves Her events and remembered that growth and change can be a good thing.

What Moves Her has absolutely changed my life! I will no longer step in my own way. I will be unapologetically me and I will be a source of inspiration and support to those around me.

Now it’s your turn

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