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Getting back to conferences with insights from Sue Yannaccone

Hi, Sue here,

We’re already well into a brand new year – one that feels a bit different from the last. It has been a busy few months and I wanted to take some time to share my observations from the road. As some of you may know, I’ve been traveling quite a bit recently, attending conferences including:

  • Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Fusion
  • ERA Fuel
  • CENTURY 21 One21
  • Realogy Leads Group LEAD2022
  • Corcoran BeCorcoran

It’s easy to underestimate just how much has changed over the past two and a half years, both within our company and the industry at large. Over the past weeks, I’ve been part of so many engaging conversations with colleagues about what we’re all observing in the market, our individual experiences, customer anecdotes, and what we’ve been up to in our personal lives. It’s been gratifying to hear from so many people in our business, people that we wouldn’t necessarily interact with in our day-to-day work. These are enlightening discussions that rarely get to happen during regular workdays when our schedules are often packed with meetings and time-sensitive projects.

The ability to work remotely has been an enormous lifestyle advantage for many people, especially women who are wearing multiple hats in their personal and professional lives. But, there is something to be said for meeting people face to face – people that we normally only speak with through Teams/Zoom. The chance to crystalize all these interpersonal relationships reminds you just how much we sacrifice by working remotely.

Ultimately, real estate has always been—and always will be—a people-driven business. That’s why developing and maintaining a network is such an essential part of being a leader in real estate.

It’s ok to feel exhausted or out-of-sorts when attending a conference, especially after the last couple of years. But ultimately, it’s incredibly rewarding and energizing to reacclimate to these in-person formats.

A few travel tips and thoughts on managing time when traveling…

  • Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Getting work done on the road can be a challenge, whether it’s finding a quiet space to focus or carving out time within a busy schedule. It’s important to communicate with your teams to ensure that you’re able to fulfill all your work obligations. At the same time, try not to overpromise, and remember that you need to account for time spent on things like travel, sitting down for a meal, or having a conversation.
  • Factor in your personal obligations. Create a calendar/schedule of your personal obligations for the time you’ll be traveling, and make sure to factor them into your schedule. Many of us have become accustomed to being able to be at home with our families more frequently, so it’s helpful to carve out some quality time with your loved ones before and after a trip.
  • Reset and recharge. A good night’s sleep goes a long way in helping you make the most of an event. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to rest. Check out some other ways to boost your wellness here.

Finally, I want to touch on some of the benefits of joining an organization big enough to hold national events. I know many broker/owners read What Moves Her, and if you’re on the fence about joining up with an organization with the size and scope of Realogy, here are a few more reasons why you should seriously consider it:

  • Diversity of perspectives. Joining an organization like Realogy or one of its brands provides you with a diversity of perspectives. The ability to connect with a wide variety of brokers/agents from a range of markets, each with their own unique experiences, cannot be replicated without the size and scale of an organization like ours.
  • Learning about what’s next. Our ability to hold national conferences, drawing professionals from all over the country, is an unparalleled learning experience. Events like the ones I’ve been to recently are incredible resources for learning about emerging macro trends that are poised to influence where our industry is moving.
  • The data to make more informed business decisions. National organizations like ours have so many resources – and one of the most valuable is our data. You can uncover so many insights about the real estate industry—insights you literally cannot get anywhere else.

Before I go, I just want to thank all our Realogy event teams for their hard work in organizing and putting on such incredible, well-attended conferences. It’s made me so proud to see thousands of Realogy team members across the nation getting back together and doing what we do best. I can’t wait to see you all again.



The critical importance of networking in person

As we’ve all learned over the past two years, there is plenty that can be done virtually when it comes to work. But in our business, where so much depends on personal relationships, the ability to meet people in person and put them at ease is of paramount importance—and it’s not going anywhere.

A popular 2019 article from Forbes details all the reasons why networking in person is so essential, and why you need to place a premium on it.

  • Opens the door to new opportunities. If you’re an agent, networking could expose you to new brokers. If you’re a broker, networking could help you meet new agents. The opportunity to meet new clients or industry people can be an invaluable stepping stone that could change your career for the better.
  • Boost your self-confidence. Like any other skill, you need to practice and hone your networking abilities. Over time, your networking will improve, boosting your self-confidence.
  • Be more noticeable. As the above-cited Forbes article put it, “When you stand out in both your expertise and the services you offer, it creates room for partnership, which in turn builds a career.”

Now it’s your turn

Have you recently attended a brand conference? What have been your experiences in meeting with industry people since the pandemic? How are you feeling about being back ‘in-person’?

Let us know. Email us at or share with us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. We want to hear your thoughts.