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As the holiday season gets underway and the end of the year draws closer, our calendars may begin to fill up both at work and at home. It can be easy to fast forward through these busy times as we cross off our to-do list and look towards a well-deserved break, but I’d like to take a moment to focus on this season of thanks because there is so much that I am grateful for. I invite all of you to take a moment to reflect on your year and celebrate the people in your life who you are grateful for.  

Making An Impact  

“The waves we make result in ripples that can be felt far beyond what our eyes see”. This quote makes me think of the What Moves Her community and how, as the program continues to grow and evolve, it is having a positive impact not only on the lives and careers of the women we reach, but the men in our industry as well. 

I also recognize that our messaging is reaching the children of those in our community. Recently, I was introduced to the daughter of a real estate professional who has been actively attending our virtual events. She has watched her mother become empowered by the community of strong and capable women working to excel in their career path, and in turn has been inspired by the community.  

These waves and ripples are far extending, and I think of my very own daughter who sees the work I am doing and lets me know how proud she is of me. It’s so important to take a moment to embrace these little moments and keep showing up for the next generation. My passion to support and inspire women to find their path in leadership and business is fueled by these experiences and stories; from hearing of women who applied and accepted jobs they otherwise would have been hesitant to pursue, or have learned practices they can implement in their own lives and careers. I am grateful that this passion project of mine was given the platform to elevate and empower women in the real estate community, and we will continue to shine a light on the experiences and stories of our community so we can all grow and support one another. 

The Large & Mighty Real Estate Community 

What Moves Her was introduced in 2020, at a time when people were stepping back to reflect on a quickly changing world. We craved connection and longed to be inspired. This has been a cosmic moment when society is shining a light on the importance of reevaluating priorities.  

This year, we’ve refocused on helping each other through the obstacles we face, while expanding our commitment to provide tangible advice and practical tools. Because our sense of community has been elevated, we are elevating the resources we are providing to women in the real estate industry and beyond. It has been a tremendously busy time for real estate. I truly believe we’ve seen such great success because as an industry, we are supporting each other and getting the work done together. 

And together is a great place to be! We’ve been physically separated for so long, but we never lost our connection to one another. This has been clear as in-person meetings and events have begun to proceed once again. Sure, we adapted to the virtual world to keep business going, and that is something to be proud of. But we never lost the important emotional connection we have to each other.  

A Bright Future Ahead 

There will always be ups and downs in the business of real estate and in life. But what is most inspiring is the notion that we can find a way to overcome, even in the most challenging of circumstances. I’ve seen how incredibly nimble our industry can be, adapting to the changes thrown our way and using our learnings to become even stronger.  

I know as I sit down with my family at Thanksgiving dinner and think of all I am grateful for, the passion and perseverance of those in our industry will be on my mind. Thank you for being part of this vibrant What Moves Her community.    

What are you grateful for this year? I would love to hear from you! Reach out through our Facebook and LinkedIn page, or send an email to

Sue Yannaccone
President and Chief Executive Officer
Realogy Franchise Group