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From Financial Wellness to Mindfulness, from Personal Branding to Overcoming Impostor Syndrome, What Moves Her has covered a lot of ground in 2022. Join us for a look back at some of our most inspirational content of the year.

It’s been quite a year at What Moves Her. Our community has continued to grow, and we couldn’t be any prouder of what we’ve built here, together.

As readers of our blog know, we like to base our content around key themes, such as Leadership Development, Celebration & Networking, Financial Literacy, and Wellness & Mindset. Now that 2022 is drawing to a close, we thought we’d take this opportunity to look back at the last twelve months of What Moves Her, to share the best tips and ideas from the many thought leaders we’ve talked with, we hope you enjoy some of our “greatest hits” of 2022.

Highlights from Leadership Development


Blog: Overcoming the Myth of Impostor Syndrome In Your Career

Certainly, one of the most popular blog posts of 2022 was about overcoming impostor syndrome: the feeling that “you’re less deserving of success or admiration than other people, despite years of hard work and excellence in your field.”

How to overcome that pervasive feeling? Sue Yannaccone put it best when she said:

I find the best way to project confidence is to actually become confident in the subject matter. That happens through a commitment to becoming an expert, setting goals, and achieving them. It’s important to become comfortable with the idea that you don’t know everything, and that’s OK – gaps in knowledge should be a motivator to learn more about your domain, not a roadblock.

The best leaders are aware of the limitations of their own knowledge and are curious to explore more. Asking questions about what you don’t know doesn’t make you an impostor – it gives you a stronger grasp on your profession.

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Blog: Entrepreneurship in Real Estate and Beyond

October was National Women’s Small Business Month, and What Moves Her commemorated the occasion with a deep dive into the subject of women’s entrepreneurship.

The crux of the article was an interview with, Margaret Juvelier, owner of Sotheby’s International Realty, Puerto Rico about her own entrepreneurial journey, and advice she’s learned along the way.

“When you are ready, that is the time when you should ‘jump’ into real estate.

For those of us that have been in the industry for so many years, we have experienced all types of changes, from working without an MLS to new technologies and platforms for performance. Not to mentioned financial crisis, earthquakes, hurricanes, pandemics. An entrepreneur jumping into real estate today has so many advantages, from learning from our experiences, triumphs, and mistakes.

This generation grew up with technology; thus, the challenges that we find within our older agent population do not exist with them. It gives them an advantage to quickly use these resources to grow their companies and profits. However, they need to be humble and learn from those that came before them. There is no substitute for time and experience in all we do day after day, every day. If they can embrace and diversify their talent pool, they will have a winning combination!”

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Blog: Strategies for building your brand through social media

What makes real estate such a unique industry is the fact that agents and brokers are basically entrepreneurs. We have the drive, passion, energy, and resourcefulness you need to start and grow a business. Except in our case, the business centers around our brand. Which is why our post for building your brand through social media struck such a chord with our readers.

Brand-building expert Kim Luckie discussed the importance of authenticity, consistency, and managing your priorities to build a more engaging personal brand online:

First, there are a million right ways to do social media and only a handful of wrong ways. Focus less on whether the technique will fail and more on whether your idea still fits the narrative you are crafting.

Second, consistency outweighs good-better-best content. Once you understand that done is better than perfect, you’re free to push the envelope. Sure, some of your crazy ideas will fail, but social media allows you to fail fast and improve fast.

Hot take: If you’re a leader trying to encourage new technique adoption, avoid any “this is the right way” or “this is the only way” advice. It’s very bad advice. Personal brand building is extremely personal. What works for one doesn’t always work for others and vice versa. Focus your advice on aligning them with their value and their story.

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Session: Connecting in a Digital World with Erica Dhawan

In addition to our blog posts and interviews, What Moves Her also hosted a wide range of talk sessions. One of our most-viewed focused on Connecting In a Digital World, hosted Erica Dhawan, author of Digital Body Language.

For anyone who has ever wondered how they come across during a Zoom meeting, or work email (which combined should incorporate just about everyone) this podcast is for you. It’s a guided workshop discussion all about how you can improve your digital body language.

View it here


Highlights from Health and Wellness


Blog: Wellness & Mindful Habits to Uplift Your Workday

At What Moves Her, we’ve always placed a premium on caring for the whole self—not just the part you bring to work. From our very beginnings, Health and Wellness has always been an integral part of what we write and think about. 2022 was no exception. This mid-year blog post proved to be one of our most popular.

It’s all about simple ideas and practices you can incorporate into your daily routine right now. From nurturing your creativity to an introduction to mindfulness, this blog can help you relax, de-stress and unwind…starting today!

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Session: Mindful Tactics to Increase Productivity

We talk a lot about mindfulness because we believe in it. Our industry is unusually hectic, with countless obligations to attend to every single day. We need a way to relax, unclutter and reset, or burnout will quickly set in. We believe mindfulness is one of the most effective techniques to keep you fresh so you’re at your best for your clients, colleagues, and of course, your family.

This discussion features Sue moderating a discussion with Ida Fields, VP Agent Marketing & Business Development for the Corcoran Group and Marli Kol, Senior Trainer for Anywhere Expansion Brands sharing top tips for discovering your best self. Topics include the benefits of mindfulness, practicing meditation every day, and how it can increase your efficiency, confidence, and self-awareness. As a bonus, there’s even a guide meditation walkthrough session. If you’re interested in getting started with meditation, this is a can’t-miss.

View it here


Highlights from Financial Wellness

Another area we place a premium on is Financial Wellness. We believe good financial habits are essential to every aspect of life, from work, to family, to personal wellness. That’s why we dedicate a lot of blog and session space to helping the What Moves Her community get more comfortable with their personal finances.

Session: Roadmap to Financial Success Workshop

We were honored to host Bola Sokunbi, founder and CEO of Clever Girl Finance, for an informative conversation with Sue all about ways to create a sound financial future. The conversation includes actionable plans and best practices that you can use right now to get a handle on your financial goals for today and tomorrow.

Watch it now


Blog: Benefits of a Business Budget—Why It’s Important & Tips for Building One

Businesses that create and stick to a budget are nearly twice as likely to grow revenue than businesses that do not budget. It’s the single best way to stay disciplined with your expenditures, so you can hire, expand, and market yourself without blowing through all your funds.

This blog post walks you step-by-step on how to budget for your real estate business. From an overview of the different types of budgets out there to the fundamentals of budget-building, this post can help you stay on track to meet your goals.

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Now It’s Your Turn

What type of content would you like to see What Moves Her cover in 2023? How can we help you reach your goals in 2023? If you’ve got any ideas for topics we could cover next year, let us know!

Email us at or share with us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. We want to hear your thoughts.

From all of us at What Moves Her, we want to thank you once again for such a great year. Have a happy holiday season, and we’ll see you in 2023!