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Honorees of HousingWire’s 2022 Women of Influence share how they’re cultivating positive influence in real estate, and what changes they hope to see next in the industry.

HousingWire recently announced their 2022 Women of Influence, which included four phenomenal women from Anywhere Real Estate Inc. These honorees were chosen not only for their outstanding achievements, but for using their platforms to support and empower others in the industry while simultaneously improving processes that can provide greater access to homeownership for women.

We’ve asked these trailblazers to share their personal insights on cultivating change & what more they’d like to see shift in the industry going forward.

Congratulations to this year’s winners:

  • Stephanie Anton, President, Corcoran Affiliates, The Corcoran Group
  • Liz Gehringer, President, Coldwell Banker Affiliate Business and Chief Operating Officer, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC
  • Tanya Reu- Narvaez, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer, Anywhere Real Estate Inc.
  • Sue Yannaccone, President & CEO, Anywhere Brands

What are your top tips for cultivating a positive influence in the real estate industry?

Stephanie Anton: I am grateful to be in a position to give back to this industry to which I have dedicated my career, and that I love so much. A big part of how I see my role in giving back is through the development of culture – whether it’s the culture of my team, or the culture we’re building with the Corcoran Affiliate network. A positive, generous and dynamic culture can be the most powerful way to enable people helping people, giving back and paying it forward.

A few great ways to do that.

  1. Keep your head down and focus on what you’re building (not the competition)
  2. Give to give, not to get back (and don’t keep score)
  3. Surround yourself with people that are smarter than you
  4. Never be afraid to have fun
  5. Do everything with integrity and gratitude

Liz Gehringer: In real estate and in every people business you have to actually like people! At the macro level, the business should develop with what’s best for the home buyer or seller as the ultimate goal. Do right by them. Get them great service backed by great tech in the hands of expert agents. At the micro level, enjoy the agents! They are the primary product delivery mechanism and an extension of your brand or company. Recruit the best who align with your culture and retain them with genuine care and attention to their career. Keep people first at every level and the rest will follow. And ultimately lead with authenticity and do what you implicitly think is the right thing to do.

Tanya Reu-Narvaez: Engagement, knowledge, and vision. Being part of this industry has been extremely rewarding on so many levels. I have been fortunate to have the reach I do in my role to engage with tens of thousands of amazing practitioners, entrepreneurs, and leaders in our industry. I have always felt those who fully engage with agents who are the engine of this business gain tremendous insights on the strengths and opportunities that exist in our industry. In order to influence you have to listen, empathize, be an expert in your field and not be afraid of change. I’ve used my experience and role to activate my voice on key issues across the industry to drive a better outcome and change the trajectory of our industry where needed.

Sue Yannaccone: In order to positively influence the industry, we need to be willing to use our voices – our influence – to advocate for change. Far too many people shy away from the opportunity to challenge and question the status quo for fear of being too adversarial. We need to trust in ourselves and our leaders that bids for progress are possible when we act boldly and in good faith.

Are there any changes you’d like to see the industry make in the near future? 

Stephanie Anton: I think this industry has come so far in the 20+ years I’ve been around, with embracing technology and getting comfortable with change. But, we have only just begun. We are still so behind when it comes to the consumer experience! I don’t think the fundamentals of how we buy and sell real estate will, or need to change. I do think however, that we need to be as opened as possible to listen to the voices. Hear our customer’s needs. To encourage innovation (not just put up with it), to recognize that sometimes a new way of doing something is actually a better way. Bottom line, we’ve come so far, yet we have a long way to go.

Liz Gehringer: Through our work in the business, we can promote fairness and reap the benefits of being inclusive. One way of doing so is ensuring representation at all levels of the real estate industry, and particularly among broker owners. While most agents are women, many owners and leaders are not. There is plenty of room for more diversity of all types in real estate careers. Representation at the agent and owner level adds greater possibility for in depth knowledge, respect and understanding of needs in our business and client base.

Tanya Reu-Narvaez: Continued acknowledgment and elevation of those who represent the real estate industry as what they/we do matters so much.  We build communities, offer the opportunity to create a home, build wealth and much more.  Also, given the demographic shifts, it is essential that we represent a more diverse population so that we can properly serve our customers – every single one of them and fairly.

Sue Yannaccone: I want to see the industry collectively look into the mirror: Where have we made real progress in creating more equitable structures? And, is the progress tangible and measurable, or is it more symbolic? The leaders, companies, and associations that steer the real estate industry must challenge themselves individually to raise the bar and always search for a better, more innovative way to do things.

Now it’s your turn

How are you celebrating other women making a difference in real estate? What actions are you taking to positively influence your own community?

Let us know. Email us at or share with us on InstagramFacebook and LinkedIn. We want to hear your thoughts!